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Air Filters That Do Their Job Right

Air Filters Co. Inc. in Hialeah, Florida, has different kinds of air filters available for customization: pleated air filters, fiberglass, antimicrobial, and polyester blue. To request a quote, contact us today.
MERV Rating
The minimum efficiency reporting value, commonly referred to as the MERV rating, defines size of particles in microns that a filter is able to trap while letting breathable air move, and not damaging your unit. The scale goes from 0-13, 13 being the highest and zero being the lowest.

Pleated Filters

Aluminum Filters Screens

We offer several types of aluminum filter screens Electro Static, Lifetime and Thrift-Air.

Antimicrobial Filters

Antimicrobial filters trap pet dander and germs that make you sick. If you live in an area that is highly exposed to dust where allergens thrive, you can expect this filter to trap those particles on a microbial level. This orange filter has a MERV rating of nine and can be used in residential spaces, hospitals, and some commercial establishments. Antimicrobial filters should be changed once a month depending on the area.

Orange Filter

White Filter

Pleated Filters

This filter has a MERV rating ranging from 9-10. Pleated filters are the most popular line of filters for homes, commercial kitchens, and other restaurant establishments.

Fiberglass Filters

Fiberglass filters are considered the least expensive filters. They have a low MERV rating of two and are suitable for small-scale applications. This kind of filter is perfect for companies who change filters multiple times a month. It is typically used in households, as well as in paint spray booths. Fiberglass filters trap paint fumes from mixing with breathable air, all while saving money.

Polyester Blue Filters

Standard filters may not be as efficient as antimicrobial filters or pleated filters, but they are suitable for people who live in a low-dust area or in high-rise buildings. This type of air filter does the job without costing too much. This has a MERV rating of five and is best for hotel chains.

Poly Air Filters